Why Explore Employer Branding ?

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pexels-photo-358502.jpegBenefits of Optimising the Employer Brand and Digital Recruitment Journey

  • Decrease cost-per-hire
  • Reduce time-to- hire
  • Build a talent pipeline of qualified candidates
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Drive overall employee engagement
  • Enhance onboarding
  • Create new opportunities for engaging existing employees

What’s Socially Inspiring Content?


Digital content that appeals to candidates, makes an impression and piques interest:


• Employee testimonials highlighting organizational culture


• Videos showing employee involvement in the community


• Employee profiles emphasizing unique career growth


• Day-in-the-life descriptions

• Employee Brand Ambassadors

• Customised Career Sites

• Blog Content for Recruitment Marketing


Expression of Organizational Culture

How do you convey what it’s like to work in your organization? To provide candidates understanding of all the challenges, ful llment and growth that comes with being one of your employees? To help attract the right types of candidates and to help them decide whether to opt in or out of the hiring process?
The answer is a well-researched, authentic and creative employee value proposition (EVP).

An EVP represents the intersection of the rational facts and emotional truths in your company culture.It is the value an employee receives by working at your organization beyond compensation and bene ts. A research-backed EVP is the foundation for all successful employment branding. Without this messaging framework to ensure consistency and resonance of your recruitment communications, you won’t attract the right people—no matter what channels you’re using.

A creatively expressed EVP helps your company tell its message through organizational culture. To create an EVP that rings true to your best prospects and performers, the process must begin with primary qualitative research: one-on-one stakeholder interviews and focus groups with company leaders, long-tenured employees, newer employees and other key individuals to gain insight into your culture and to reveal the emotional truths that exist within your company. This qualitative research provides the foundation for discovering the underlying elements and beliefs that shape your culture.

When Employer Brand India is building an EVP, we support the qualitative findings with a quantitative, proprietary survey and secondary research. We measure your cultural personality using universal archetypes that express cultural traits and dimensions, then uncover the rational facts in your company using secondary data to explain the benefits of working at your organization.

Once primary and secondary research have been completed and presented to your organization, a creative team that specializes in employment branding develops unique a unique EVP for your company. The creative expression of your EVP should be used as
the foundation for attracting top talent and serve as the springboard for your attraction tactics, including your career site, digital and social media recruiting, recruitment marketing, employee stories and anything else you use to attract the right talent to your company.

If you don’t yet have an EVP, the recommended digital tactics won’t be as effective in reflecting your employment brand or in maximizing the results of your recruitment efforts.


Employee Brand Ambassadors

The most likely source that many candidates use to find out information about employers is through their network of friends and colleagues— whether in person or on social media. When your company has a strong employee brand ambassador program, more positive information will be shared about your organizational culture through the people whose opinions matter most—your employees.

Choose some of your most successful and representative employees who best reflect your culture. Educate them about your company’s recruitment goals and then arm them with content that they can share socially. Channel selection will vary by employee, so work on an individual level to create content they can use and share to convey your unique employment brand.


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• Culture research
• Creative employment value propositions (EVPs) • Career sites
• Recruitment marketing • Social recruitment
• Talent community management

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