Finding the right talent for your business has become increasingly difficult. Leaders need to get their Employer branding strategy right with a consistent and disciplined approach by putting all the pieces together, pulling the right levers and synergy from all the departments of the business to get the implementation right.

We are an experienced Employer Branding team helping organisations realize their potential as ‘Employers of Choice’ attracting the best talent. We offer consulting and execution services in India.

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Become a certified Employer Branding Professional

8 hour workshop

Do you work with Employer Branding on a strategic level? In order to build a long-term talent management strategy you need to have “glocal” perspective. HR professionals working with different countries and regions need to know how to build global strategies, adapting them to regional needs and – equally important – juggling it all with tactical local initiatives.

Employer Branding when done right brings together business units and regions, with a shared and strategic view on Employer Branding. In this course, you will learn how to work on both levels building strategies that will help you to stay on top of both long-term strategies and short-term activities.

The course includes face-to-face training and lectures, giving you the knowledge, templates and tools to secure the best talent for your organisation and at the same time helping you excel in your professional

You will finish the course feeling confident with a high level of knowledge

  • The importance of Employer Branding
  • Employer value proposition
  • Strategic and Tactical tools
  • Best practices
  • Business objectives
  • Communication Strategies
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